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To the woman who feels overwhelmed, who feels like she’s doing life wrong, and who needs to know she isn’t alone: you don’t need to become a new person to be happy with yourself. You just need to learn to be happy with who you already are!

Love U Toos mission is to provide self-love inspiration, advice, and tips to help you figure out how to love U. Women are often expected to love everyone else first. That’s not the case here: instead, you are encouraged to love U first! Practicing self-love leads to self-acceptance but self-acceptance doesn’t happen overnight.

For this reason, every message comes as a 3-week series to give you time to really figure out how to make it work for you.

  1. Week 1 begins with an affirmative “You” statement from me to you meant to inspire through a healthy dose of compassion, support, and color theory.
  2. Week 2’s Operation Love U post features personal experience along with useful advice to keep you motivated.
  3. Week 3 wraps up the series with tips for how to make it work for you, including how I made it work for me! By the end of each series, you’ll be armed with a Love U List full of ideas to get you all set and ready to love U.

About the Founder

Hey! I’m Dominique Wilson, advertising Art Director, busy body, self-love pusher, and color visionary. June 2015 was a bit of a turning point for me after I found my new favorite quote in an article about being happy with where you are in life at this exact moment. I made a list of everything that was stressing me out at the time and another list of tasks related to each of those things. Then I made a point to practice acceptance: to accept what I could not control and focus on what I could! As the months passed, I noticed I felt less stressed out, more relaxed, and much happier! I learned my efforts were really paying off when disaster struck in March 2016 and I lost almost every file (both personal and professional) from the past few years. (You can read about it here.) Because I had been practicing acceptance, I handled it much better than I would have just a few months before. My personal struggle has always included wanting to do everything at once (re: busy body) and then beating myself up when something didn’t work out. Things still don’t always work out but I’m much better at living in the moment and finding the lesson in it! This quote changed my mindset along with how I run Love U Too!

“Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for your life to begin and start making the most of the moment you are in.” – Germany Kent

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P.S. Love U Too was originally launched in December 2014 and relaunched in June 2016. Check out the #InspiredLoveUToo pinterest board to see a virtual moodboard of how the site came together!